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Chukwuka Onwumechili, Ph.D.

Degrees and background: 

Chuka Onwumechili holds a PhD in communications from Howard University; an MSA from Northwestern University, and a BA in mass communications from the University of Nigeria. He is professor of communications on the Department of Strategic, Legal and Management Communication in Howard’s School of Communications. He joined Howard University in 2009. He previously was chair and faculty member in the Department of Communications at Bowie State University.

Personal statement: 

Onwumechili’s research focus is on international telecommunications policy with specific interest in Nigeria and other nations of Africa. That work has involved estimating critical mass of service, regulatory issues, and issues of market liberalization. His peer-reviewed communication policy articles have appeared in professional journals, including Telecommunication Policy, Info, Howard Journal of Communication, Africa Media Review, and in books and book chapters on the subject. He is the editor of the Howard Journal of Communication, and served as vice president for Digital Bridge Institute (DBI), Abuja-Nigeria, which produces some of the country’s telecommunications practitioners.
He joined the Howard Media Group (HMG) because he believes that part of scholarship is not merely to critique but to be socially active in protecting the interest of those who bear the brunt of adverse policy making in telecommunications.

202-806-6711 or 202-806-4909