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Questioning Media Access: Analysis of FCC Women and Minority Ownership Data

Questioning Media Access:
Analysis of FCC Women and Minority Ownership Data
Carolyn M. Byerly, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Journalism, Howard University
September 2006...

From Counting Women to Making Women Count: Women-Focused Media Development

Internews, a media development organization located in Washington D.C., recenlty published a report on media development and gender integration. This paper argues that like other sectors, the media development sector needs to bring greater...

FCC posts public inspection files for TV stations April 2013

After more than a decade of advocacy by public interest organizations, the Federal Communications Commission has finally required all television stations to post their public inspection files online at a website hosted by the FCC. This important...

Affect, Cognition and Reward: Predictors of Privacy Protection Online

Yong Jin Park, Scott W. Campbell, & Nojin Kwak:  "Affect, Cognition and Reward: Predictors of Privacy Protection Online" reports the findings from a national survey testing the interplay between affective concerns and cognitive knowledge of...

Market Philosophy and Information Privacy

Yong Jin Park:  "Market Philosophy and Information Privacy" examines the evolution of U.S. policy shaping personal information flow. Alternative Internet policy models are discussed.

The State of Black Radio

Advocates from Industry Ears, Free Press and other media justice groups lament the loss of Black radio and ask the FCC to find ways of keeping Black urban-oriented stations in business.  The following links are to two separate articles reporting...


THE PUBLIC AND BROADCASTING: How to Get the Most Service from Your Local Station (2008) is a useful guide to the FCC and basic broadcasting regulations. It is well organized and readable.

Former broadcaster observes effects of conglomeration in radio

FREE PRESS STUDY: Out of the Picture: Minority & Female TV Station Ownership in the United States

A companion to the “Off the Dial” study of radio, this study by Free Press showed the low-digit ownership levels for both women and minorities of in television stations in the United States.

ERLA STUDY: Female Ownership of Broadcast Stations

This first-ever government-funded study of gender in broadcast ownership showed that in the mid 1980s, women owners numbered considerably more than they do today.