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Wheeler’s “closed-door” approach questioned

November 2, 2014

By Aitza Haddad
Did you miss Tom Wheeler’s visit to Philadelphia on October 8, 2014? FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has been accused of rarely meeting with anyone who is not a corporate giant, like Comcast.  This time, Philadelphians forced the Chairman to respond to the people who directly run the local public-access TV station and to talk with one of the last Black-owned talk-radio stations in the entire state. The topics of Net Neutrality and cost and quality of broadband dominated the debate, which made the event turn from a public forum into a small closed door, regulated event. And contrary to what many expected, and to what Wheeler has shown in past public discussions, this “public forum” was real and impressive, according to Todd Wolfson of the Media Mobilizing Project. The Chairman engaged in real conversations, with real participants, about real problems, affecting real stakeholders. However, as many lamented, everything happened in closed doors. Therefore, the value of the debates and the discussions that emerged between Wheeler and the many scholars, policy makers, and real Philadelphians that day, unless carried and passed along by Wheeler and the media, will be lost and ignored. Therefore, to read more about Todd Wolfson’s coverage of the event, visit: