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Prominent women take on communications policy

November 2, 2014

By Alisa Valentin
Prominent women in communications policy,Gigi Sohn,Susan Crawford, and Sharon Gillett, spoke on a panel in late September 2014 on citizen participation, activism and corporate engagement toward achieving a high-speed future of broadband. Sohn, special counsel for external affairs at the Federal Communications Commission, addressed the importance of the next six to eight months to communications policy history. Her thoughts were echoed by Crawford, a former Obama administration technology advisor and now a visiting professor at Harvard School of Law. Crawford prompted a discussion about the advancement of technology with a special emphasis on the power of fiber-optic communication. However, last panelist Gillett noted that technological advances alone are not enough. The former head of the FCC’s Wireline Competition Division and currently Microsoft’s principal strategist for technology policy said digital literacy is another important element to enhance the lives of individuals through broadband. For more information on this event and others concerning communications policy visit