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HMG Position Paper on the possible auction of WHUT-TV

November 4, 2015

On October 16, Howard University President Wayne Frederick informed the Howard community, through an email memorandum, of the probability that the radio spectrum currently occupied by WHUT may be offered for auction to wireless telecommunication companies. HMG appreciated the opportunity to respond to the possibilities set forth by President Wayne Frederick and took the important step of writing a Position Paper to add its voice to the many other campus, local and national organizations who believe that Howard University should continue its ownership of WHUT. HMG members believe that while an incentive auction may bring in revenue (and whether it is to be a significant amount of revenue is greatly at issue), this revenue cannot be considered a more compelling interest to the Howard community than assuring our airwaves serve the necessity, interest and convenience of the diverse public that Howard University has been established to serve. If you are interested in knowing why, please read "HMG Position Paper on the possible auction of WHUT-TV" below.