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Historical 15-year Comcast communications franchise passed by the City of Philadelphia

December 27, 2015

On December 10, 2015, the full City Council of the City of Philadelphia passed a 15-year Comcast communications franchise, which "is already recognized across the country as historic in its gains for low-income communities" because it is expected to produce "more cable and internet discounts, increased customer service protections, expansions of affordable internet and free internet access, including the loosening of the restriction forcing current, otherwise-eligible Comcast internet customers to turn off their existing service for 90 days to access Internet Essentials, and new free wifi service at municipal buildings citywide, funded by Comcast, and, greater protections for cable and internet consumers and workers than almost any cable franchise nationwide." The CAP Comcast campaign, which made this historical franchise possible, "is endorsed by over 5000 Philadelphians, and groups including the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO, Media Mobilizing Project, ACTION United, Pennsylvania Working Families, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, Coalition of Labor Union Women, Philadelphia Student Union, Maypop, Liberty Resources, Women’s Community Revitalization Project, Prometheus Radio Project, Get Lucid, Philadelphia Jobs With Justice, UNITE HERE! Local 247, and others."
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