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About HMG

HMG’s Mission

Through research and education, our work supports:

  • the creation of communication policy that serves the informational needs of all, regardless of race, nationality, gender, or socio-economic status,
  • the expansion of media ownership by people of color and women,
  • media company policies that encourage professional advancement of women and people of color,
  • comparative studies on media systems, and
  • an informed citizenry that understands and can participate more actively in policy deliberations.

The Historical Context

Howard Media Group’s concern with egalitarian communication policy reflects the longer history of Howard University. HMG was founded in 2009 by faculty members Reggie Miles and Carolyn Byerly in order to bring Howard’s communication scholarship into alignment with the needs of underserved populations who own fewer media than others in the United States, and whose employment in media companies has often been thwarted by their minority status. HMG is part of the School of Communications at Howard University, a historically Black institution dedicated to advancing African Americans and others traditionally excluded from social processes.

Created by Congress in 1867 to provide educational opportunities for Black students, the school’s faculty and students have always been leaders in advocating social justice in educational and other institutions, both domestically and globally.

HMG Activities

Continuing the Howard legacy, our HMG members advocate equality of access in telecommunications policy and equal distribution of services within the United States and beyond. Our tasks are to monitor policy with intent to bridge social gaps and to investigate opportunities for improving social justice in telecommunications. Our activities involve conducting research related to media and their audiences, developing position papers, sponsoring educational events, and undertaking other relevant projects.